Saturday, October 24, 2009

Changing Instructor Roles

In my opinion these are the new roles tutors can assume:

From lecturer to facilitator

The teacher does not give students the information; he guides them to find it on their own. For example websites, documents, blogs, etc.

From provider of content to designer of learning experiences

Trough dynamic and meaningful activities the teacher leads students to apply contents to solve real problems.

From source of information to presenter of critical or open-ended questions

Invites students to reflect about issues instead of taking things for granted.
For example, asking students to reflect about the way they contribute to take care of nature instead of giving lectures about it.

From objective-based to project/inquiry-based instructional designer and assessor

Getting to agreements with students about the contents of a project instead of imposing his ideas.

From user of ‘one size fits all’ approach to moderator for a variety of learning styles

Designing sessions with a variety of activities that meet most of the students’ learning styles.

From controller of a teaching environment to co-creator of a learning experience

As part of a learning community, the teacher doesn’t know everything and doesn’t have all the answers. From that perspective, he has to accept that students are able to generate knowledge as well.

From instruction-presenter to learning-facilitator

He has to engage students in active participation, providing them with all the tools so that they can find and use the information in real contexts.

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