Thursday, November 5, 2009

Benefits and suggestions for the implementation for Web 2.0 tools



It is a social bookmarking site.
Bookmarks can be tagged (have keywords added to them), so that you can search for similar sites within all of your bookmarks

Potential uses for language learning classes

As a teacher you can create a Delicious account to keep websites easily accessible to integrate within your lessons plans.
Language teachers could use a Delicious account as the homepage for the browser; They can then share the account with the sites the students need to use in class - this way it is easier for students to access the required sites for class lessons
Students can use Delicious as a way to save frequently visited sites to practice and reinforce the four communicative skills
Students can use it to keep track of sources they are using for a research project.



Diigo is a free social bookmarking, research, and knowledge sharing tool created to mimic the ease of taking notes while providing a network for sharing and discovering information.

Potential uses for language learning classes

Diigo allows students to take personal notes and highlight text information on web pages similar to what you would on a piece of paper. They can share this information with other students to foster collaborative learning.

You can then bookmark and save this information for further review, while adding tags to keep everything organized.

All of this information is also saved online and can be accessed by any computer or browser, including cell phones with browsing capabilities.
For ELL this allow them to have access to language anywhere.

Wall Wisher


Wall Wisher is an online notice board maker. It gives you a virtual space where you can post short text notes in the same way that you could put post-it notes onto a notice board in your classroom.
But this noticeboard can be shared between people all over the world. As well as text notes you can add images, video and links to other websites.
It’s a neat way of getting a shared space to collect ideas from people for a brainstorm. Or to post resources for a topic

Potential uses for language learning classes

Students can ask questions about a topic which you (or each other) can then answer enhancing language learning in community.

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